Making Soda

This site explores the world of homemade fermented soda making.

Let’s Make Soda evolved out of my mini home brewing hobby. I brew beer in one gallon batches for home consumption and to share with friends. I imagine that this is the way it was done a long time ago by grandmothers around the world.

Making homemade soda uses a similar but far easier brewing and fermentation process so it was a natural transition. It’s a combination of chemistry and cooking and doesn’t require a lot of precision. In fact I don’t make my sodas from recipes. I just grab the ingredients I have on had, do some tasting and imagine what they would take like mixed with sugar and fermented for a day or two. Any “recipe” within this site is to give you a basic understanding of what I did and I expect you to improvise and adjust as needed.

Have fun and don’t forget to drink your amazing sodas in a beautiful glass filled with ice. Iceless sodas are a sad thing 😉

Kindest Regards,
The Soda Chef, a.k.a. Magda